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public-reality » reality ONE / distributed media-server

reality ONE / distributed media-server

reality ONE is a distributed, node based media-server. Each node can output various video formats and codecs. (including ProRes 422)
Videos can be manipulated in realtime and placed precisely in 3d space. reality ONE was specifically designed for large scale projections
Projector stacks can sit hundreds of meters away from each other. Nodes are controlled wireless via wifi or wired via rj45 ethernet.

Media-Drive : SSD
(read speed of 285MB/s and write speed of 275MB/s )
Video Outputs :
2 x DVI
2 x HDMI
2 x VGA
Communication : DMX / MIDI / ARTNET / OSC / TUIO
Connectivity :
4 x USB
2 x Firewire 800
2 x GigaBit Ethernet

3D : OpenGL
Interface :
Fully customizable interface.
Designed to your specific needs.
Compatible Video formats : ogg, mov, avi, mpg
Compatible Applications : Syphon, Processing, oF, Cinder, QC, PD, MaxMsp, Unity 3d, Ableton Live

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